Lawless Brewing Co.

Project Description

Overview: When discussing the direction and esthetic of what Ben & Whitney Wallace (majority owners of Lawless Brewing Co.) wanted to see in the branding for their brewery, the main adjectives that we honed in on were clean, friendly, and modern. ⠀⠀

Some other aspects that they wanted to accomplish with developing their identity were that they wanted the brand to show its roots of being born in Los Angeles. But most of all the look and feel of Lawless Brewing Co. had to be all about delicious craft beer!


Crafting Beer for Everyone Who Calls L.A. Home

We honor the spirit of Los Angeles by brewing beer as unique as our city itself. What makes L.A. extraordinary is its eclectic combination of people – from the proud native Angelenos to the risk-takers who have adopted this city as their own. Bringing those individual tastes together, Lawless combines a vast knowledge of classic brewing techniques with a passion for the unconventional. Inspired by tradition, but not bound by it — we’re capturing Los Angeles’ LAWLESS identity with each beer we create.

Project Details

Client: Lawless Brewing Co.

Tags: Branding, Design, Photography, UI/UX Design, Videography, Web

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